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ALIMPICA, Rock Star Sport LLC

Адрес: Санкт-Петербург, Лифляндская улица, 6Д
Телефон: +7-905-220-3610
О производителе

“Rock Star Sport” LLC specializes in design and tailoring of custom football uniform for professional and amateur teams under the name “ALIMPICA”.


The company offers high-quality equipment with original design and made of the best Italian fabrics. “Rock Star Sport” always has in stock the fabric of popular traditional colours and is ready to execute your order of football uniforms. Any new models might appear, and you still can always buy a uniform that you’ve chosen earlier. This allows a team to adhere to a common style of clothing for a long period of time.


A feature of “ALIMPICA” products that differs them from other manufacturers, is use of modern “breathing” and stretching fabric. The main task we did was to find modern sports materials, providing great comfort to a player. “Rock Star Sport” has extensive collection of sports fabrics from European manufacturers. We choose the most suitable ones for such parameters as strength, density, and hydrophobicity. Now there are available football uniforms from modern high-quality fabrics for football teams.

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