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Grandtex, LLC

Адрес: Ивановская обл., Кинешма, ул. Парковая д. 4
Телефон: +7 (49331) 5-51-07, 5-63-90,+7 (980) 695-45-68
Факс: +7 (49331) 5-51-07
О производителе

“Grandtex” LLC specializes in tailoring and selling knitted goods for sublimation printing. The company offers both ready t-shirts and tops of various sizes, and ordering production of exclusive models made by specially designed templates. The company has the ability to fulfil custom orders, to provide customers with long-term and continuous supply of high-quality products for sublimation. This allows the company to stay in a strong position on  the market of garment production in Russia.


Among feature of the products is combination of quality with acceptable prices which is especially valuable for consumers. Reducing production costs is promoted by good location of sewing workshops in a small town where all resources are much cheaper than in big cities. The company is able to purchase necessary raw materials at low prices, because production is in Ivanovo region, close to the textile capital of the country. The company has long established partnerships with reliable suppliers, so the company always has the best materials available. These are definitely favourable factors, presence of which lets us offer consumers knitwear at competitive prices and quality.

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