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AST-Amaroli Impex, LLC

Адрес: 10/5, 1st Irtyshky proezd, Moscow
Телефон: (499)780-7001;780-7002;780-7005
О производителе

“AST-Amaroli Impex” company was established in 2007. Its production facilities occupy more than 7.000 m2 in the Eastern administrative district of Moscow.


“AST-Amaroli Impex” — it is production of a new generation that reaches the level of global analogues; it produces hosiery in accordance with the standards that are currently in force on the territory of the Russian Federation. In manufacture it uses high-quality raw materials of leading companies of Italy and Slovenia that are well perceived by skin, non-allergenic, and ensures comfort. Each batch of finished products passes quality control.


Design of models is developed in accordance with prevailing international fashionable trends with attention to comfort and functionality of final products. All goods of “AST-Amaroli Impex” comply with international quality standards.

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