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Ivanovo ShveySpetsTeks, LLC

Адрес: 39, Dzerzhinskogo st., Ivanovo
Телефон: (4932) 57-69-12
О производителе

“Ivanovo ShveySpetsTeks” company is engaged in production and wholesale of knitwear in Ivanovo, and has long established itself in the market of knitting products through high quality of products. Highly skilled seamstress work on the newest equipment that ensures high quality of tailoring.


Our company offers a huge selection of high-quality knitted products for home and rest: gowns, tunics, sports and home suits, nightgowns, pyjamas, dresses, tunics, and more natural fabrics of Turkish and Russian production.


The company’s catalogue presents a wide assortment of stylish, contemporary colours and patterns of women’s knitwear. Knitwear of beautiful high-quality fabrics with pleasant colours can give any woman’s image a bright personality and originality. Ready products are always in stock at the warehouse of “Ivanovo ShveySpetsTeks.”

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