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Favorit Spetsodezhda

Адрес: 3, Popova st., Ivanovo
Телефон: +7 (4932) 343-511, +7 (4932) 929-301
О производителе

Ivanovo textile company “Favorit Spetsodezhda” (“Favourite Special Clothes”) which is sewing clothes in Ivanovo, consists of a talented team of professional designers, modellers, and seamstresses. The positive side of our production: set reasonable prices for the whole assortment. It attracts attention of contemporary entrepreneurs and employers who buy for their staff special protective uniforms. And most importantly, all clothing should be sewn according to strict GOST state standards using high-quality raw materials.


The quality of apparel products “Favorit Spetsodezda” is kept by attentive employees of the company; high-tech textile machinery is the core labour base of our working activities. Wholesale buyers from all regions of the country come to Ivanovo for wholesale of apparel from our company. The products we manufacture are presented in a huge assortment.

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