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Beauty mammy

Адрес: 9, Promyshlennaya st., Anapa, Krasnodarsky Krai
Телефон: +7 (989) 82-28-880; +7(918) 27-39-565
О производителе

“Beauty mammy” is a manufacturer of clothes for expectant mothers. In a relatively short period of its existence “Beauty mammy” has become able to achieve tremendous success.


Today clothes for pregnant women from “Beauty mammy” are popular throughout the country. Its success is associated with the policy of leadership of our company: commitment to providing the highest quality for expectant mothers, fashionable and stylish clothes at affordable prices. Our customer base is growing rapidly. Just an example: in the time of its launch in 2009 the company had only one store for pregnant women in Anapa, now products of “Beauty mammy” are in demand across the whole country (more than in fifty retail outlets). Moreover, in the nearest future we plan to open stores in the CIS countries.

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