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Адрес: Москва, Ленинский проспект, 64/2
Телефон: +7 (916)7475585
О производителе

Company produces hats of valuable species of fur and leather since 1996. The main focus of its activities is on men’s range.


The company’s products are of high quality of sewing, there are used the latest technologies, design solutions, and the best varieties of fur and leather from the leading manufacturers of semi-finished fur and leather. Our partners are: North American auctions “NAFA” and “AMERICAN LEGEND”, and the factory “MOTTA ALFREDO”, “ATLANTIK MARINE”, “RIEBER SKINN A/S”.


The company “Shearling” continues to evolve, responding flexibly to any changes in market conditions of the fur industry. Due to constant changes in fashion trends in hats and garments, cooperation with our company stays promising and profitable.


Placement of “Shearling”’s products in high street shops and boutiques of the largest cities in Russia provides a stable demand, popularity, and prestige to goods of our brand.


An online shop of hats “SHEARLING” is pleased to present you products from their own fur workshop in Moscow. We are engaged in the production and sales of winter fur products: fur caps of fox and raccoon, fur hats and caps, combined with leather and suede. Caps made of sable. Caps and hats made of seals, mink, combined with leather and suede.

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