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Адрес: Ярославской обл., г. Рыбинск, ул. Ворошилова, д.7
Контактное лицо: Olga Valentinovna Golyukova, Self-employed businessman
Телефон: 8(499) 70-445-97
О производителе

Our company has been producing children’s garments under the brand name “LIS” (“FOX”) for ages 0-7 — we have been doing this for 11 years already. Our mission is: to create high-quality, fashionable, and comfortable children’s apparel, listening to a Russian consumer, seek to emphasize individuality of each child, to make its life brighter and more interesting.


Bright clothes for bright individuals!


Every year, following modern trends, we present collections “Spring-Autumn” and “Winter”. Products are divided into three main groups: new-borns, nursery, and pre-school.


The first group is designed for children from birth to heights 68-86.  We treat these products with special care, and attentively select proven raw materials for top fabric, natural ones — for lining, along hypoallergenic insulation. For convenience of washing, based on wishes of our partners, the majority of overalls for toddlers have removable lining of artificial fur on knitted basis with genuine sheepskin. All transforming elements are fastened on zippers that ensure reliability and retain heat better.


Nursery group is for kids of height 74-98 cm. It is represented with an assortment of sets, jackets, semi-overalls, trousers, coats, windbreakers etc. All products are warm, soft, comfortable, and functional.

In pre-school groups of height 98-128, at requests of regular customers we have included height 134. This clothing is for active and mobile children, so we provide additional features such as a second protective layer at knee pads, snow-proof cuffs and valves, adjustable bottom of sleeves, hood etc.


Every year, the assortment is expanded and updated according to the wishes of our partners. Due to the growth of the company, we have come to the conclusion that we need to run another brand: modern and contemporary. Thus, in 2012 we registered a new trademark “FOX-CUB”.

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