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Leader, LLC

Адрес: Тюменская обл., Тюмень, ул. Мельникайте, 116
Телефон: 8 922-073-90-78, 8(3452)91-83-28
О производителе

“Leader” sewing and production company works in the city of Tyumen making modern school uniforms. Our products: a collection of school uniforms for children and teenagers from 1st to 5th classes prepared for both girls and boys. Patterns of products are tailored to the figures of Russian children and use high-quality materials.

The advantages of “Leader”:

  1. High-quality school uniforms
  2. Using high-quality fabrics
  3. A wide range of shapes and modern models for all tastes
  4. Full range of sizes

And our most important advantage is reasonable price for all models of school uniforms in the city of Tyumen.

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