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Aleksa, Sewing enterprise

Адрес: Свердловская область, г. Каменск-Уральский, ул. Жуковского, 11
Телефон: +7 (982) 615-77-00
О производителе

Sewing enterprise “Aleksa” specializes in production and sales of women’s clothing. In today’s world, in the era of crazy rhythm of life every woman strives to excel in her occupation as well as realize herself in her family. Beautiful, elegant, unique look both at work and at home is not an easy task.


The company supports the desire of the beautiful half of humanity to look beautiful, modern, fashionable and attractive!


The product range of our sewing enterprise presents several directions:

  • Clothing and accessories for office (business style)
  • Casual (casual style)
  • Evening dresses (clothes for special occasions)
  • Clothes for rest
  • Carnival costumes

Creating a personal way of using the clothes — this is the goal of “Aleksa”.

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