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Aksart, LLC

Адрес: Ростовская обл., г.Новочеркасск, пр.Ермака, 88
Телефон: 8/8635/ 22 11 23, 8/8635/ 22 68 50, 8/8635/ 22 59 55
О производителе

The personnel of “Aksart” has been working in the field of children′s top clothing with down and synthetic insulating materials for over 16 years, and throughout all this time there were constantly upgraded equipment and production processes, introduced latest technological developments.


The product range now includes:

  • down jacket and insulation for children and teenagers;
  • down coats and winterized kits for babies;
  • down and insulated envelopes and overalls for the littlest ones;
  • down sleeping bags, blankets, and pillows;
  • feather and downy fluff and mix.

Collections of clothes of “Aksart” use modern high-quality materials with water-repellent coating, polyester, nylon, cotton, knitted garments, and polarfleece are applied as a lining.


Despite the large variety of synthetic insulators, goose down remains unbeaten in thermal insulation performance, so we usually use it in our products. In our own facilities we perform multi-stage processing of raw goose and duck materials and get a high-quality feather mix.


Models of “Aksart” are comfortable, practical and versatile, with diverse colours, excellent quality, modern design, and wide range of sizes to satisfy any customer.

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