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Dushechka, LLC

Адрес: г.Барнаул, ул.Попова, 179б.
Телефон: 8 (3852) 555-024, +7(913) 085-58-37
О производителе

“Dushechka” (“Darling”) sewing factory specializes in production and sales of children’s clothing. The main direction of the company is clothing for children ages 0-7.


The product range consists of more than 300 models, which are constantly updated, there are: bodies, overalls, sets for beds, envelopes, suits, scarves, sweaters, linen sets, bibs, diapers, and much more. The company has been working with large chain stores for more than five years.


“Dushechka” LLC employs a team of professional designers and seamstresses who make quality and beautiful apparel for your children. In 2014 the company celebrated its anniversary — 5 years.

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