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Адрес: г. Киров, ул. Павла Корчагина, д. 86, корпус 17
Телефон: (8332) 40-25-70
Факс: (8332) 40-25-70
О производителе

“SABO” is a Russian manufacturer of athletic footwear and sporting goods that uses registered trademark “SABO”. For over 10 years we produce shoes for the following sports:

  • Powerlifting, weightlifting, bodybuilding — strength sports are gaining popularity nowadays. Our company chose this activity to be its priority and pays special attention to thorough development of models. We have created a special line of shoes — modern and classic for squat on heels and shoes for deadlift. These boots are part of professional equipment for powerlifting and weightlifting.
  • Boxing, Greco-Roman wrestling, sambo, wrestling — the most common Russian martial arts. Thus we have created respective kinds of boots for Greco-Roman wrestling, boxing shoes for sambo, and wrestling shoes “sambovki” for sambo.
  • Skiing is the most popular sport, historically well-developed in our country. Therefore we have created ski boots for cross country skiing of different systems (NNN, NN75). Our range of ski boots will satisfy both a novice athlete and a professional skier.
  • Tourism — for active recreation we produce trekking shoes. These hiking boots are ideal for hiking or for everyday wear.
  • Football — to fans of this popular game we offer football boots for different types of fields and surfaces — natural and artificial, as well as shoes for indoor football.
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