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JKT-Company, LLC

Адрес: Санкт-Петербург , Новочеркаский пр. д.1,
Телефон: (812) 224-65-46, 224-05-29, (921) 962-44-60
О производителе

“JKT” LLC specializes in production and sales of clothing. Products of “JKT-Company” are well proven due to the very high quality of workmanship and use of new materials, a wide model range and rich color range.


Used modern fabrics easily remove moisture and air from the outside of the body, but remain absolutely impervious to wind and water. Fabrics and accessories come from the best manufacturers in Italy and South Korea. Down jackets are made with “packet” technology. The filler used consists only of washed goose “dust-free” feathers (in the ratio of 80/20). Most winter models are decorated with fur: fox, raccoon, fox, and bluefrost.


Great cut, designed by fashion modellers of “JKT-Company” provide perfect fit and takes into account the latest trends in fashion of autumn and winter top clothes. For plus-size women there are special models that take into account peculiarities of figures and would help them to look elegant. Experienced Russian craftsmen create their works with special quality control.


For convenience of customers the company has created an online store http://jkt.rucenter.biz/, where you can get acquainted with the available assortment.

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