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Адрес: г. Владимир, ул.Гастелло, 19б
Телефон: +7 (4922) 42-30-95 , +7-903-645-96-12
О производителе

“CоttоnLux” produces and sells knitted clothes: women top and underwear knitwear.


The products are designed for mass consumers. The line-up of knitted garments of “Cоttоn Lux” has contemporary design and follows demands and fashion trends. The range of products is constantly expanded and updated.


To achieve high quality of finished products there has been installed new modern equipment. When sewing knitted garments we use imported high-quality thread and glue sealing materials. All work is done by qualified personnel.


Due to the fact that webs used in the work contain natural fibres (cotton and viscose with a small amount of lycra), all knitted garments meets ergonomic, technological, and operational requirements. All products are certified and meet Russian quality standards.

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