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Damsky Kapriz

Адрес: г. Владимир, ул. Лакина, д.1а
Телефон: 8(4922) 530-760, 8(920) 628-77-03, 8(920) 628-77-04
О производителе

“Damsky Kapriz” (“Ladies’ Caprice”) company works in the Russian market since 2003. The company specializes in production and wholesale of dresses, as well as other women’s clothing made of 100% linen: trousers, blouses, jackets, skirts, sundresses, tunics, tops, capri pants, shorts, and Bermuda shorts.


We have modern technical facilities and highly qualified personnel, using for the original design of our models only high-quality fabrics and accessories. During the years of work of the company, our products have become very popular among consumers as they meet current trends and requirements of fashion.

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