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Novosibirskaya factory of home textile, LLC

Адрес: Новосибирск, ул. Связистов, 12а корпус 8
Телефон: +7(383) 325-32-02, 325-32-03, 284-92-84
О производителе

“Novosibirskaya factory of home textile” LLC is a manufacturer of textile products: bed linen, pillows, blankets, and home clothes.


We have more than 1.000 kinds of products. All types of goods, depending on the volume of purchases, are offered within a a flexible system of discounts. Managers of sales are ready to provide you with a price list.


With our own retail stores, we are constantly developing new types and models of home textile. Through direct communication with customers, we become well aware of needs and tastes of end users.


We make individual orders for wholesale bed linen (calico, chintz, and satin), towels (wafer, linen), babies’ items: diapers, undershirts, shirts (knitted, calico, flannel), medical gowns, cooking jackets etc. Upon request, there are available a variation of sizes and technical solutions.


In case of your interest we are ready to send a draft agreement for supply of goods or an invoice for payment in advance. Any form of payment is accepted. Upon request, we will provide any additional information about the products supplied.

We build our work with partners on the principles of mutual respect, and trust, and mutual benefit.

We are looking forward to establish long-term business relationships.

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