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LAM, R.N. Melnikov, self-employed businessman

Адрес: г.Саратов, проспект Строителей, 60
Контактное лицо: R.N. Melnikov, self-employed businessman
Телефон: (8452) 90-69-69
О производителе

R.N. Melnikov, self-employed businessman is engaged in production of knitted garments for children and adults. All products are made from high-quality accessories and knitwear. The line-up consists of more than 100 kinds of products.


The combination of quality, low prices and high consumer properties of the products puts them in a range of widely sought-after items of knitwear in the Russian market.


The company offers:

- Large range of products

- Comfortable and practical clothing made of natural fabric

- High quality at low prices

- Wholesale deliveries with individual pricing approach to each client

- Tailoring for custom orders (wholesale)

- Sewing of school uniforms

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