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Afina, St. Petersburg leather goods factory

Адрес: г. Санкт-Петербург, ул. Ломаная д. 11, литер А
Телефон: 8-800-1000-61, 8 (812) 411-41-43, 8 (812) 387-62-25
О производителе

St. Petersburg leather goods factory “Afina” (“Athena”) (brands “Afina” and “Bruttus”) was created and first appeared on the fashion accessories market in 1996 in St. Petersburg. Since that time the factory has become a leading Russian firm, raised its range (more than 70 women’s models in different colours and leather, as well as about 30 models of men’s bags) on a par with Italian product; for more than 15 years it has been represented on a permanent basis at the largest retailers as well as within regional networks in Russia, while maintaining availability of Russian prices.


The company is engaged in production not only for women (brand “Afina”), but also men’s bags (brand “Bruttus”), but the main focus of specialists’ attention still is given to goods for the fair sex.


The company works with only the best natural leather and velour of top Russian tanneries and Italian production. Each plant selling the company its skins provides all the necessary certificates of compliance and security, which are also consistent with international standards of production management ISO. These are facial skin, made specifically for manufacturing leather goods.


In 2013, factory “Afina” became laureate and winner of the contest “100 best goods of Russia”,

thanks to continuous quality control, as evidenced by customer reviews.


The company regularly participates in international specialized exhibitions in Russia and Italy (tracking all trends in the fashion industry both in models and in materials), such as MIPEL, Milano, and Lineapelle in Bologna (Exhibition of the skin), “Consumexpo” (Russia ). Using modern technology, we adapt global trends for our Russian customers.


All the factories are located in St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region (the town of Slantsy), which gives benefits to partners:


  • Closeness, to minimize commodity risks.
  • Minimization of foreign currency risks.
  • Breakthrough pricing. Prices for quality at the level of the Italian brand are lower in comparison on 30-50%.
  • Every customer is served in a unique way. In addition to basic products factory produces leather bags for private labels.
  • No one is forced to buy large batches of product.

“Afina” factory offers:

  • Range of the high demand for maximum profit
  • Segment with the largest turnover
  • Guaranty against complaints on the quality from stores or end users within 50 calendar days from the date of purchase.
  • Individual approach to supplies.

Target customers:

  • Women — from 30 years.
  • Men — from 25 years.

We know that you have a wide range of possibilities and thank you for your choice of brands of handbags “Afina” and “Bruttus”!


To learn the assortment of the company please visit the following websites: www.afina-bags.ru and www.bruttus.ru 

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