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Адрес: Московская область, Люберецкий район, поселок Октябрьский, улица Ленина, дом 47
Контактное лицо: ООО «РамиТекс»
Телефон: (495) 510-46-39, (495) 229-75-49, (985)196-49-91
О производителе

“HASS” has been working on the Russian market for 15 years and is constantly improving itself. The company’s’ history began in 2000, when the first clothes made of linen were produced. Within a short period of time it managed to establish contacts with a large number of stores. People liked goods of the factory, and the ever-increasing demand started pushing the enterprise for new challenges. Geographical distribution has expanded rapidly from the central regions of Russia to the whole country.


The policy of interaction with customers is based on an approach that is focused on each customer. Available clothes for different age groups. The catalogue contains a collection of classical style or more modern variations. “HASS” uses only natural fabrics made of bamboo, flax, or nettle in manufacturing. This fibers have many advantages over synthetic materials. The original design approach lets create clothes that are always in great demand. We can offer blouses, jackets, trousers, shorts, sundresses, and much more.


It should be understood that any organization consists of people. Employees determine what exactly will be the policy of relations with clients. The company employs experts with considerable experience. They are capable of producing  creative design of any complexity. “HASS” tries to follow the modern trends of fashion and puts into practice successful global technologies. Periodically, specialists are sent to refresher courses. The company has numerous certificates of quality and certificates confirming its professional approach

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