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Fashion House “ANNA STEVAR”

Адрес: Г. Москва, ул. Минская д.1Г
Телефон: + 7 915 292 77 87 / +7 916 163 70 80
О производителе

Fashion House “ANNA STEVAR” was founded in Moscow in 1991 by a designer and a member of the Union of Artists Anna Stevar.


Since its launch the main focus of the Fashion House is at individual tailoring of all kinds of men’s and women’s clothing of luxury class. Among its regular customers are representatives of the business elite of Moscow, deputies, and officials.


In 2012 Stevar’s daughter Dasha joined the family business. In 2014, Dasha launched a new direction — a line of women’s ready-made apparel and accessories under the brand “ANNA STEVAR”.

Fashion House ANNA STEVAR offers the following services:


Individual tailoring of menswear by bespoke technology:


For tailoring products according to Bespoke technology there are taken more than 30 checks of a customer’s figure; individual templates are built for the future suit. After cutting the fabric suit is basted manually. When sewing costumes by bespoke technology more than 70% of the work is done by hand!


— Classic suits

— Shirts

— Blazers

— Coats

— Casual clothing

— Fur & Leather

— Accessories

— Gift certificates for tailoring


Individual sewing of women’s clothing:


— Business / office suits

— Evening dresses

— Wedding Dresses

— Casual clothing

— Fur / leather

— Accessories

— Gift certificates for tailoring


Line of ready women’s clothes:


— All kinds of women’s clothing

— Affordable prices

— Opportunity to adjust any model to individual measures

— Gift Certificates


High quality, democratic prices, stylish models, trend materials, a riot of colours, elegance and the ability to adjust any of the products to individual measures — these are the distinctive features of the new collection and a line of readymade garments in general.


Individual consultations and lectures on the style and the selection of clothes, lectures about the history of fashion.


instagram: www.instagram.com/anna_stevar_official

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