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Адрес: Иваново, ул. Дзержинского, 55
Телефон: (4932) 93-96-74 (4932) 93-97-54 (4932) 45-16-34 (4932) 45-16-35
О производителе

“Fabricant” company has 20 years of experience, and in spite of rather advanced age it keeps young enthusiasm for work.


Its main activity is manufacture and sales of fabric and clothing. Sales territory includes whole Russia “from Kaliningrad to Nakhodka”, as well as friendly neighbouring countries. We always keep pace with the world: we know technologies, market, and desires of our customers, so we can generate the most advantageous offers.


Our Cherntskaya Weaving Factory works for our clients round the clock 100% loaded. On new Belgian “Picanol” machines we can produce a large assortment of fabrics of various densities and widths from 40 to 240 cm. We will help you make your plans come into reality.


The plant produces more than a hundred articles of tissue, the basic assortment: tick for mattresses, diagonal, two-thread, and technical textile.


However, we are not limited even with hundreds of articles in stock: there are always fabrics of foreign manufacturers, and we are constantly expanding the assortment in accordance with the most modern demands of customers. Our regular position: tick mattress, two-thread, diagonal, teak feather-down, polyester, teak for pillow covers, blended fabrics for clothing, oxford, TiSi for medical garments, rubberized fabrics, fabrics for fishermen suits, medical oilcloth, and even terrycloth towels!


Another important direction of our activities is production and sales of special clothing. Every year, from warehouse we ship more than 400.000 units of special clothes for various purposes: from mittens and gloves to antiencephalitis and signal costumes. We offer the most popular models on the market, but can also sew custom models.

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