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Egoryevsky Textile, LLC

Адрес: Московская область, г. Егорьевск, ул. Парижской Коммуны, д. 1 Б
Телефон: (49640) 4-17-02, 4-17-33, 4-39-29
О производителе

“Egoryevsky Textile” LLC is one of the largest textile companies in Russia, created on the basis of spinning, weaving and dyeing factories founded in 1845. The company specializes in production of yarn, grey cloth and finished cotton for everyday, special, technical, and military purposes.


Currently, the company produces more than 25 articles of cotton and blended fabrics, including serge, diagonal, calico, cloth pocket, two-thread, as well as high-density pile fabric and canvas tent, some species of which have no direct analogues in the Russian market.

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