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Oktyabr, Textile manufacturing company

Адрес: Московская обл., Ленинский район, городское поселение Московский, Деревня Румянцево, Бизнес-парк "Румянцево", стр.2, болк В, этаж 8, офис 809 В
Телефон: (495) 223 40 44 (495) 223 40 45 (495) 223 40 49
О производителе

“Oktyabr” (“October”) textile manufacturing company is the largest Russian producer of high-quality fabrics. We have combined two largest productions in Russia: “Krosno” PLC from Tyumen and “Oktyabr” PLC from Ulyanovsk region.


We manufacture a large range of fabric for Russian ministries and agencies: the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, and other; fabrics for protective structures, as well as civil assortment of fabrics: velvet, boucle, cloth, and tweed.


Our company is engaged in fabric wholesale and retail. Reasonable prices will pleasantly surprise clients. We work directly with clothing industry, shops, and wholesale companies. We supply to Russia and neighbouring countries.


We look forward to long and mutually beneficial cooperation.

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