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Pavlovsky Posad silk, LLC

Адрес: Московская область, г. Павловский Посад, ул. 1 Мая, д. 105
Телефон: (49643) 2-12-22, 2-21-20, 2-51-91, (495) 993-04-31, 972-52-19, 972-36-95
О производителе

“Pavlovsky Posad silk” LLC specializes in manufacture and sale of tapestry, jacquard, curtain, and church fabrics. It had no impact on chosen course. We have not only managed to maintain production and intellectual potential of the company, but also acquired new equipment. Our range of polyester fabric now includes thermal printing. This lets us quickly change design of fabrics and offer customers exactly what they need.


We have developed new structures and patterns of fabrics made from natural materials. Today we are developing both individual tissues and collections of fabric. Fabrics in one collection are companions, i.e. they contain the same elements. Despite the fact that tissues differ, presence of the same elements enable approach interior decoration differently.


The production started with renewed launch of sewing workshop. This is due to increased demand for ready-made garments from our tissues: drapes and decorative pillows, napkins and tablecloths, bedspreads and other products. Among our customers are many large retail chains in Russia. Factory’s goods are delivered to all corners of Russia and CIS countries.

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