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Адрес: г. Киров, ул. Милицейская 14
Телефон: (8332) 67-66-84
Факс: (8332)67-31-47
О производителе

“Kalinka-Morozov” company is a modern enterprise specializing in design, production and sales of high-quality and fashionable goods made of fur and leather: outerwear, headwear, and accessories.


The company was founded in 1991 and since that time it has earned recognition and a stable position in the market. For production of its models and clothes of “luxury” class it uses a wide range of materials: from sheepskin coats “velour” to long-haired “tuscany”.


The company offers a wide choice of fur and leather: black mink “black glama”, chinchilla; fur of sea mammals (seals, cerca, hooded seal); python and crocodile skins. Modern production means not only the most advanced equipment, but also the experience of masters, traditions and rich historical heritage of “fur work” transmitted from generation to generation. All this lets us produce products of the highest standards, first-class quality, and style.


Today, “Kalinka-Morozov” conducts active foreign economic activity, as a participant of large Russian and international specialized exhibitions in Moscow, Milan, Frankfurt and Montreal. A permanent member of the “Fashion Week in Moscow.”


OUR SPECIALTY SHOPS: “Kalinka” shop, 71, Lenina st., Kirov tel. (8332) 35-77-50, “Kalinka” shop, 14, Militseiskaya st., Kirov, “Kalinka” shop, 6, Marshala Meretskova st., Moscow, 123060 tel./fax (499) 194-07-14, 194-03-00 “Oktyabrskoye pole” metro station.

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