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Ivanovskye tkany

Адрес: г. Иваново, ул. Советская, д.22, оф.305
Телефон: (4932) 41-21-53, Sales department (4932) 41-21-78, (4932) 41-21-79
О производителе

“Ivanovskye tkany” (“Ivanovo fabric”) company is a manufacturer and supplier of special clothing and cotton fabrics for various branches of industry and transport. Our customers are large enterprises of refinery complex, machinery building, rail transport, metallurgy etc.


Modern technologies and fabrics that have oil and petrol resistant and waterproof impregnations and reflective materials are widely used in manufacture of professional clothing.


We offer a wide range of protective clothing — from simple working clothes to clothes of original style and design.

All clothing products are certified and manufactured in-house. All clothes are made according to state standards and specifications. All manufactured products pass mandatory monitoring by service of quality control.

Thanks to modern equipment and highly qualified personnel, our company is able to produce models of working clothes of any complexity. We also offer application of branding and logos on any clothes.

Special clothes with stably high quality will be useful not only for professionals, but also to everyone who wishes to buy affordable, stylish, high-quality items for domestic use. Summer residents, hunters, tourists, fishermen — everyone will find items to their taste.

Our company produces tissues that meet requirements of GOST state standards, both harsh and ready (cotton calico, madapolam.)

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