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Parshinskaya sewing factory

Адрес: Москва, ул.Заводская, д.15, оф.108
Телефон: +7 (926) 352-00-26
О производителе

Parshinskaya sewing factory is one of the oldest manufacturers of garments for technical purposes. Once our factory started its production activities with sewing canvas gloves and soldiers cloak tents. We were engaged and continue to engage in sewing canvas tents USB-56, UST-56, UZ-68.


However, at present, the company is engages in release of large high-tech garments for technical purposes, such as the latest army tents “Narva”, “Elbrus-10”, “Everest-30”, “Vytegra”, “Berezina”, “Vetluga”, “Vereya”, “Vazuza”, “Vatoma”, specialized medical units “Protoka”, “Neman”, “Nerekhta”, “Nerussa”, modules for repair and maintenance of armored vehicles, gear, and ammunition storage “Velesa”, “Veslyana”, warehouse module “Volkhov”, standardized modular mobile field complex MMPK “Sheksna”. Manufacture of high-quality special frameworks with use of nanotechnologies today has become a hallmark of our production.

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