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Miliana, Torzhokskaya sewing factory

Адрес: Russian Federation, Tverskaya oblast, Torzhok
Телефон: 8-48251-9-16-72
Факс: 8-48251-9-11-38
О производителе

“Miliana” LLC was created in April 2006 on the basis of Torzhokskaya sewing factory, which is well-known as a manufacturer of high-quality and affordable clothing. Since 1954, a garment factory in the town of Torzhok specializes in sewing women′s coats. For many years there has been developing its approach to technology of processing outerwear, that lets the company produce goods at a lower cost and allow a quick change of models on stream.


A new collection of brand “MELIA” has been created; it includes models for youth and models of plus sizes.


When developing new models, specialists rely on their own ideas. There are cloths of domestic and foreign production, wool insulation, natural furs dyed in the colour of the fabric, and faux furs of modern texture used in the manufacture of coats.

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