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Assortiment, sewing factory

Адрес: г. Киров, Воровского 111
Телефон: +7 (8332) 44-78-94 +7 (912) 723-07-14
О производителе

The basic concept of “Assortiment” sewing factory is the ratio of price and quality of models created. Creative ideas of our staff let us update and expand the assortment of clothing patterns. Each model is manufactured in small batches; its relevance is studied in relation to needs of the market. There is a constant renewal and expansion of the range of products offered.


We are always glad to offer you: tankers, jackets, coats, raincoats, and jackets of raincoat fabrics. Autumn-winter-spring seasons. To avoid competition models of clothes are not shown on the website.


Any clothing should adorn a person, highlighting beauty of one’s figure, while hiding all disadvantages. One single try on of our jacket or coat, and you will immediately feel comfortable. Top clothes of “Assortiment” company help to be attractive and unique, give confidence and individuality, and create a bright, stylish and fashionable image.

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