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Katunskaya sewing factory, LLC

Адрес: Нижегородская область, Чкаловский район, пос. Катунки,ул. Набережная д. 4
Телефон: 8(83160) 45-3-47; 8(83160) 45-0-96
О производителе

Producing goods with handmade embroidery for today’s market is hard enough. For us, this activity has become a way of life rather than a business. Our skill — Nizhny Novgorod guipure — is an ancient method of “strochka po vydergu”, which is more than 100 years old. Katun seamstress are local masters who have studied the enigma of Katun embroidery from their mothers and grandmothers.


Our product range of decorative art is enormous:

  • Home textile — tablecloths, napkins, and carpets
  • Traditional Russian shirts, blouses, shirts, dresses, skirts, blouses, jackets — beautiful clothes;
  • Hats, ties, wraps, aprons — accessories;
  • Gift sacks and bags — packing;
  • Curtains, covers for furniture, bedding — home textile;
  • Glass holders, business cards, vests for bottles — souvenirs.
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