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Sibirsky sintepon, LLC

Адрес: г. Новосибирск, ул. Кубовая, 62
Телефон: +7(383) 203-72-60, 203-64-54
О производителе

S2 “Sibirsky sintepon” (“Siberian paddled polyester”) production company — 15 years of success on the market!


The company began its development with production and sales of non-woven polyester material. This manufacture received rapid development and now offers materials in large volumes and of a wide assortment. S2 “Sibirsky sintepon” has two large production areas as a logical continuation of the main one: production of household textile under brand “Edam” (“Eden”) and a unit manufacturing double quilt cloths.


In addition to manufacturing and sales of goods, S2 “Sibirsky sintepon” carries out wholesale sales of polyester fibre (raw materials), textile piping, and a wide range of fabrics. Wholesale trade of fabrics is focused on different activities of customers: trading companies and clothing companies that manufacture traditional and special clothing, hats, home textile, and travel gear.

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