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Адрес: Ставропольский край, г. Пятигорск, ул. Февральская, 157.
Телефон: +7 (928) 371-71-74
О производителе

“AIST” (“Stork”) is the largest manufacturer of children’s knitwear in Pyatigorsk. We produce children’s underwear and hosiery for more than a decade. During this time, our company has established itself as a manufacturer of high-quality, modern, comfortable, and safe children’s clothing.


Assortment of “AIST” offers a wide range of children’s knitwear for boys and girls from birth to 10 years. Manufacturing children’s knitwear, we use high-quality natural materials of pleasant colours: knit-filling cloth, , riban, interlock, footer (fleece), and velour.


We produce children’s knitwear for all seasons: bodies, overalls, envelopes, suits, blouses, vests, jackets, shirts, sandpipers, night dresses, shirts, dresses, tunics, sundresses, t-shirts, pants. A large assortment of children’s knitted underwear: bustier, sets, shorts, boxers, and more.

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