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Rekanto, Ltd.

Адрес: Екатеринбург, ул. Черняховского, 86
Телефон: +7 (343) 345-80-44
О производителе

“Rekanto” Ltd. is a Russian manufacturer of children’s knitted garments of brand “REKANTINO”. It is made from eco-friendly products: imported knitted fabric that provides excellent appearance and durability. Due to high quality of raw materials our goods create sense of comfort when worn and are completely hypoallergenic for children.


Children’s knitwear from the manufacturer “REKANTINO”™ is made primarily with expectation that it will be worn by children, whose delicate skin needs special approach. That is why the products manufactured by our company have soft texture and comfortable cut. The industrial base of our company is equipped with the latest machinery from industry leader; hence, it is able to carry out large volumes of orders for our numerous customers and partners throughout Russia.

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