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Irma, Irmatex

Адрес: г. Иваново, ул.Ермака 49
Телефон: +7 (920) 351-80-68, +7 (920) 352-81-41
О производителе

“Irma” factory specializes in manufacture and wholesale supply of knitted garments. Assortment of “Irmatex” includes: nightgowns, dresses, tunics, robes, pyjamas, dresses, shirts, and skirts. The company uses only high-quality materials and reliable decorations that comply with all norms and standards of quality. Knitting factory “Irma” from the city of Ivanovo produces knitwear of modern design and original style.


“Irma” knitting factory guarantees:

  • compliance with market prices
  • quality of products that speaks for itself
  • compliance with all state standards and norms
  • availability of all necessary documentation for manufactured products
  • only an exclusive range of products
  • guaranteed delivery of Ivanovo knitwear
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