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Modny Stil, Self-employed businessman Utkin Mikhail Viktorovich

Адрес: Иваново, ул. Ермака 49
Телефон: +7(903)879-32-34, +7(910)983-02-64, +7(910)668-02-56, +7(910)667-46-99
О производителе

Self-employed businessman Utkin Mikhail Viktorovich specializes in production and wholesale of house textile and knitwear using brand “Modny Stil” (“Fashion Style”) for more than 15 years. The company’s products are represented in many cities of Russia.


On the website you can not only see the assortment of low-cost Ivanovo knitwear factory “Modny Stil”, but also buy your favourite products. Ivanovo factory produces women’s clothes (dressing gowns, dresses, sundresses, tunics, summer suits, home suits, nightshirts, and t-shirts for women).

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