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Ray Button, Edmond LLC

Адрес: Москва, Маросейка, дом 8, 2 этаж, офис 9а
Телефон: +7 499 393-39-09
О производителе

“Edmond” LLC specializes in producing and selling men’s bags under brand “Ray Button”.


Creation of “Ray Button” brand was inspired by rapid and unpredictable life of a huge city. Here, you never know what will begin and end a day. And so it is important that all necessary things are always on hand. But it is equally important how to wear things without which it is impossible to do for an urban dweller.


To solve this problem leather bags and cases “Ray Button” have been developed and designed. Practicality, high quality, and style — these words have become an expression of the idea of ​​the brand.


Leather was not chosen accidentally to be the raw material for “Ray Button” bags. Leather accessories — purses, handbags, and belts, — for a long time have been an inherent part of men’s costume and remain a sign of consistency. Leather can be called a truly masculine material since exclusively men dealt with leather processing, tanning, and sewing. Leather things are durable, they will last for many years, remaining resistant to damage and eventually gain unique texture and features which are inherent to their owner.


Combining qualities of men’s accessories — leather cases and bags — Ray Button accessories become are an epitome of convenience, modern technologies, and requirements of an owner.



Team of “Ray Button”.

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