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Hydrant, LLC

Адрес: г.Чебоксары, пр. Машиностроителей, д.1, корп.1.
Телефон: +7 (8352) 63-69-42; 63-70-76
О производителе

“Hydrant” LLC is one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of special protective clothing and equipment for fire-rescuers on the territory of Russia and the CIS countries.


“Hydrant” LLC has been active in the market of production and supply of fire-fighting equipment since 1998.


Industrial specialization of the company includes:

  • Firemen’s clothes BOP;
  • Suits of special protective thermo-resistant clothing KSZO TV (formerly known as BCP-2);
  • Clothes of III level of protection;
  • Thermo-resistant suits TOK-200; thermal protective suits TK-800;
  • Fire- and thermo resistant linen;
  • Heat-resistant and wool blend balaclavas;
  • Three-fingered and five-fingered special gloves from heat-resistant fabrics and materials;
  • Special boots (rubber and leather);
  • Waists;
  • Protective helmets;
  • Equipment;
  • Uniforms offor emergency workers;
  • Gloves with gauntlets;
  • Dielectric kits;
  • Technical equipment (hoses, water-foam equipment, and tools).
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