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Адрес: г. Коммунар, Гатчинского района, Ленинградской обл., ул. Антропшинская, 157
Телефон: (812) 460 53 11, +7 921 919 96 92
О производителе

“Fanema” factory is one of the oldest producing non-woven materials in St. Petersburg. Over many years of experience we have accumulated enough knowledge and technical capacities, as well as the most effective technologies. We produce more than thirty different kinds of non-woven fabrics for many industries.

To create high-quality non-woven fabrics, we use:

  • Various types of fibres with excellent environmental and performance properties (safety, durability, meeting GOST state standards etc.);
  • High-tech process of formation of canvas with contemporary multi-profile efficient equipment;
  • Various canvas bonding technologies (needle punching, thermal method, sewing, combined method) that let us create materials for completely different functional requirements.
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