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C-Airlaid, LLC

Адрес: Челябинск, Бродокалмакский тракт, 6а
Телефон: +7 (351) 211-03-00
О производителе

“C-Airlaid” LLC is a manufacturing complex of full cycle.

Production and sales of:

  • Synthetic fibres (staple and microarmouring);
  • Medical products (linen and clothing for doctors and patients, and related products);
  • Consumer goods (hygiene products, means of car care, household series, and pet products);
  • “Airlaid” non-woven material (including cleaning materials and liquid-absorbing inserts for food industry);
  • Contract manufacturing.

Today, “C-Airlaid” company is a part of the federal holding company “INSI”; activity of the company is organized within two companies located in Chelyabinsk region.

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