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Factory of non-woven materials, LLC

Адрес: Республика Башкортостан, г.Туймазы, ул. Горького, 43
Контактное лицо: ООО «ФНМ-ЮНИС»
О производителе

“Factory of non-woven materials” LLC is one of the main producers of non-woven materials. The company has been launched and issued its first products in 1983.


Powerful and diverse fleet of technological equipment lets it manufacture various kinds of non-woven materials for using several technologies: stitch-bonded, needle punched, thermal; as for finishing, there are used dressing, giving specific properties (water-, mud-, fire-, oil-, petrol-, fungal-resistance and other properties).


In 2007 it purchased a modern high-performance production line of the latest generation from “LIBA” factory (Germany) and mastered serial production of new promising competitive geosynthetic materials with high performance.


Area of usage of non-woven materials produced by “Factory of non-woven materials” LLC is extremely broad:

  • geotextile:
  • wiping cloth and napkins for household and technical use, which are widely used for dry and wet processing of all types of surfaces;
  • filter clothы and preventive tools for environmental protection;
  • basis for linoleum and artificial leather;
  • fabric thermo-bounded “Sintepon”
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