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Gatchinsky promkombinat

Адрес: Ленинградская область, г. Гатчина, ул. Хохлова д.16
Телефон: 8 (81371) 3-28-22
О производителе

Consumer society “Gatchinsky promkombinat” was founded in 1948 and is included in the system of consumer cooperatives of Leningrad region of Russia, which has been functioning for more than 170 years already. Today, thanks to the constant development, “Gatchinsky promkombinat” is known as a modern stable company.


Currently, “Gatchinsky promkombinat” produces a wide range of felt footwear. Its boots have survived all vagaries of changing fashion. They remain indispensable to this day for loggers and soldiers, anglers and hunters, builders, as well as children and people just working outdoors. Its boots are made without dyes, acids, or other chemical additives from natural wool. Wool is rich of lanolin, a substance accelerating wound healing. It has anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties.

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