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Armavirskaya factory of non-woven materials, PLC

Адрес: Краснодарский край, г.Армавир, ул.Энгельса 173
Телефон: 8 (86137) 3-35-41 - secretary, 8 (86137) 3-59-65 - sales
О производителе

The history of “Armavirskaya factory of non-woven materials” has its roots in the 1920s, andsince then it has been specialized in production of wool cotton products.


For many years, being a part of the system of the Ministry of Textile and Light Industry, the company manufactured cotton wool and such products as “Lux”, “Prima”, cotton wool for clothing and furniture.

Since the second half of the XX century there are produced: cotton wool, batting and fabric-sewed cloths for cleaning. In 1994, the factory was reorganized into OJSC “AFNM.”


Recently, the company introduced new production lines for production of various non-woven fabrics: paddled polyester, woollen padded polyester, hollofibre. In 2003 a sewing workshop for production of home textile was opened and successfully developes.


The products of the factory meet the needs of enterprises of mechanical engineering and metalworking industries, furniture and food industries, and health care. Sewed garments, mattresses, blankets, pillows, and bed linen are in great demand among the population.


During those years the enterprise has collected a well-coordinated team of employees and management.

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