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Kombinat valyanoy obuvy, LLC

Адрес: г. Омск, ул. Перова, 41
Телефон: (3812) 55-15-11, (3812) 55-13-41
О производителе

“Kombinat valyanoy obuvy” (“Plant of felt footwear”) LLC was founded on December 19th, 1999 and is currently running smoothly and produces 170 thousand pairs of felt products per year; these are in great demand among the population of the city, region, and other regions of the country.


“Valenki” boots are original Russian footwear, whose appearance has not changed over the years. “Kombinat valyanoy obuvy” LLC took the liberty to align the shape and design of boots with current fashion trends and make them fashionable and modern shoes with different decorations and colours to combine beauty and warmth.


Boots produced by the plant are considered to be one of the best: the distinguishing feature is that only 100% wool is used in production cycle, it keeps heat longer than other materials and has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties. The focus is, of course, on quality, thanks to expertly tuned processes and a high level of skills, which let the enterprise successfully compete in the market.

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