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Horizon, JSC

Адрес: г.Москва, 2-й Кожевнический переулок, д.12
Телефон: +7(495) 77-525-77
О производителе

Since 1854 “Horizon” JSC works in the market of non-woven materials. Today the company is the leader among Russian manufacturers of technical felts, felt shoes, felt parts of any shape and size, felt wheels for polishing and sanding.


“Horizont” JSC produces felt by a unique technology of “wet felting”, unlike the majority of enterprises which use simplified needle technology, so-called “dry felting.” “Dry felting” makes product with low density, small thickness and low resistance to tension and critically influenced by effects of moist environment.


“Wet felting” is the result of multi-stage processing wool with rolls under influence of hot steam and water. The result of applying “wet felting” of “Horizon” company is felt consisting of 100% wool fibres, with thickness 1-60 mm, density 0.15-0.80 g/cm3. Felt is manufactured in rolls with length 1-200 m, width up to 2.2 m.


“Horizon” JSC is the only enterprise in Russia that has a unique technology of spiral laying wool fibres for manufacture of felt for polishing wheels, thanks to which buff has density of 0.80 g/cm3, thickness up to 55 mm and outer diameter up to 500 mm. This technology lets use polishing wheels with a high degree of balance, which lets work at high speeds.

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