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Kukmorsky fulling-felting factory, PLC

Адрес: Республика Татарстан, п. Кукмор, ул. Вахитова, д.1
Телефон: 8-800-250-11-32, 8(84364) 2-06-38
О производителе

“Kukmorsky fulling-felting factory” PLC has been created on the basis private ownership of the Trade House “Bratya Komarovy” (“Komarovs Brothers”). The enterprising brothers started their business at the end of the XIX century. Buying wool from the local population, the manufacturers processed it at the factory on carding machines, and gave homeworkers wool to collect later ready boots and their brand on it. They employed about 1.500 homeworkers alone for production. Komarovs processed 3000-3500 pounds of wool per 10 hours’ work of their machines and produced 600 pairs of boots a day, along with 200 pairs of embroidered cloaks. Annual turnover of partnership was estimated at 1.5 million roubles.


Since 1946, the factory has been increasing its output and productivity. In 1956, there were introduced guidelines of conveyor system for the main workshop, passing method of dyeing and acidification developed at Kukmorskaya factory by engineer M. R. Arkhipov. As a result of this work the factory has become one of the leading companies of fulling-felt industry in Russia.


In 1970s there took place rebuilding and implementing of a dyeing felt workshop, a department of vulcanization of bottom of felt footwear, a warehouse of raw materials was also constructed. During this period, there have been built two kindergartens, a dining room, five-storey dormitory, 77-apartment residential building and other social facilities. In 1970s the issue of cleaning of industrial and domestic wastes was practically solved, and also there was built a system of biological treatment facilities with a network of sewers.

Since the beginning of development of market relations, the company survived the crisis and in spite of the unfavourable economic situation in the country, gasified its coal boiler, radically modernized fulling and drying production, manufactured and launched into exploitation equipment for plant quilted items and mastered the production of coarse wool felts. The design capacity of an area of vulcanizing soles of felt shoes was increased3 times; there was also created a section of children’s and women’s shoes. Domestic premises were fully renovated, an 80-apartment house built along with an estate of cottages, a shopping centre organized, an office building built, a 5-storey and a 2-storey dormitory renovated.


Having radically changed the structure of supply of raw materials and sales of finished products, improving quality of its products and its social orientation, the plant has reached the level of pre-perestroika production. Since 2001, the plant produces more than 1 million pairs of fulled shoes. At present, there are fixed the achieved results and modernization of production continues.


Today the company is one of the best fulling factories in the country.


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