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Ivanovopromsherst, LLC

Адрес: Иваново, Улица Сарментовой, дом 15
Телефон: +7(4932)37-54-88, 37-55-31
О производителе

“Ivanovopromsherst” LLC specializes in manufacture and sales of felt boots. Boots produced are completely natural and environmentally friendly, comfortable to wear, have high aesthetic appearance and quality, which is the main guarantee of duraility, as well as the variety of different colours and decorations, thanks to original design approach.


Factory of felt footwear offers a choice of several types of boots. The company’s catalogue helps you find and purchase common “valenki” boots, designed to protect from the cold and hypothermia, wholesale highly reliable boots for use with special clothes, original souvenir boots, decorated with fur inserts, various designs of beads, embroidery, and shaped notch. In addition, “Ivanovopromsherst” offers original children’s felt boots, the look of which will thrill any little fashionista and reliably protect her from cold.


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