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Russky Okhotnichy Promysel

Адрес: Москва, Трехпрудный пер., 11/13, строен. 2
Телефон: +7 (495) 722-59-59, +7 (499) 530-22-77 - The salon is working on weekdays 13:00-21:00 (appoinments only)
О производителе

“Russky Okhotnichy Promysel” (“Russian hunting”) specializes in gathering information on traditional crafts and manufacturing of various products (boots, camel boots, felt boots, warm clothes, hats, Cossack whips, stuffed animals and skins) in old ways.


The project “Russky Okhotnichy Promysel” — RussianHunt.ru began its work in 1999.


It became the first site in the Russian Internet, which presents extensive materials about natural medicinal raw materials, which is collected at hunting (badger and bear grease, castoreum, bear bile, musk gland, ginseng, and more).


The authors of the project “Russian hunting” set themselves the aim of study, revival, and popularization of Russian traditions related to hunting; they are aimed to ensure that medical materials of “hunting’s health” once more start bringing help and benefit to people for recovery, treatment, and prevention of various diseases.


For more than 20 years we have been engaged in collection, analysis, research and practical application of ancient recipes (assistance for various types of diseases using materials obtained on the hunt — bear bile, bear fat, badger fat, castoreum, spray musk, and ginseng). A wealth of unique and successful experience in application of these tools has been gained, and the most efficient and effective schemes of use have been created.


All products presented on the site “Russian hunting” are of high quality.

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