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Masterskaya Chernikovikh

Адрес: Москва, ул. Правды, 24, строение 2, пост 5.
Телефон: 8(967) 079-10-71, 8(964) 773-60-28 - appoinments only
О производителе

“Masterskaya Chernikovikh” (“Chernikovs’ Workshop”) is a Russian slow fashion brand. Our task is to revive for modern human life aesthetics of natural materials and a taste for the native culture.


We believe that “valenki” felt boots are stylish, “varenye” — Russian jam — is delicious, hemp and flax are graceful. We know the difference between a cheap print and a history.


We have enough time to create things with high quality, thoughtfully and whole-heartedly.


Since 1892 “Masterskaya Chernikovikh” produces felt with handmade rolling pure sheep wool — an old Russian technology. Manufacturing of felt is carefully passed down from generation to generation. Felt of Chernikovs is soft, elastic, yet firm and thoroughly made. Our boots are the only on the Russian market which do not shrink.


For more comfort and efficiency we put French orthopedic soles and insoles in our shoes. For dyeing wool we use only natural agents: 15 colors and a wide range of shades.


Handmade embroidery and inlaid with crystals and beads gives our felt boots particular style.


Valenki are not a souvenir! These are boots!


“Masterskaya Chernikovikh” is chose by the best ones. For more than a decade “Masterskaya Chernikovikh” has been selected by businessmen, culture figures, politicians, stars, and corporations with a worldwide reputation. Boots of Chernikovs have been given to the first people of the country, awarded as prizes, publicly presented at international events.

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