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Sapogovalyalnaya artel, V.V. Ketov, Self-employed businessman

Адрес: г. Арти, Свердловская область, улица Ленина 100А
Телефон: 8 (34391) 2-17-11, 8-950-546-44-88
О производителе

“Sapogovalyalnaya artel” was founded in the settlement of Artie in Sverdlovsk region in 1990. In 1993, “Sapogovalyalnaya gang” was transformed into a TO “Artel” under the direction of Valery Ketov. In 1998, the cooperative became an individual enterprise “Artel Sapogovalyalnaya IP Ketov V.V.”


Key areas of work.

Manufacture and sales of felt footwear:

— Wholesale and retail sales of products;

— Delivery of goods within Russia and the countries of nearest and far abroad;

— Flexible system of discounts;

— Warehouses in Yekaterinburg.


In our shop “Vostok” (“East”) are always in stock various kinds of fabrics, zippers, and buckles for shoes and clothes, thread, buttons, and various accessories.


For hunters and fishermen, we offer both ready-made clothing and sewing for custom orders.

Our cooperative also provides public services:

— Processing of raw materials;

— Manufacture of felt footwear under individual orders;

— Manufacture of keys of any complexity;

— Sharpening chain saws;

— Sewing custom clothes;

— Sending products COD.

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